Dental Care: The Baby Teeth, What To Expect

Beginning from week seven of your pregnancy, your baby's baby teeth actually take shape. Then the cells are transformed to perform different functions -- all before your baby is even born.

After your baby is born, enamel and dentin are still forming so it takes a few months before the teething process is underway. (Trust us, you'll know when it happens!) The root will take several more years to be firmly established.

Your baby will have 20 primary baby teeth: 10 in each jaw. By the time the child is 2 or 3, a complete set of baby teeth should be in place. Small gaps should lessen as the jaw continues to grow. Remember, baby teeth are indispensable. Your child will have his front baby teeth for about 5 or 6 years, the molars for ten years.

They're the placeholders for permanent teeth, and any missing teeth can affect jaw alignment and bite for life. That's why keeping baby teeth in good shape is important to the oral health of permanent teeth.

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